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On Schedule

Training seems to be going ok so far. The now regular swimming on Wednesday followed by a flatulence-driven jog home, salsa class on Thursday with a very quiet club - so quiet that Stanners showed the few of us left how to dance Bachata, which came in handy for First Friday the following night! Then Saturday a non-stop 4 mile run that took 38 minutes...and with very little wind! Back to work today and it was very quiet. The customer's new boys were both out so there was just two of us in the office; still ended up working nearly 10 hours though. Running and swimming again tonight but it was quite hard this time and I have figured out that it is the swimming that is building the wind up inside me, so running home tonight was painful. For some reason, I couldn't release any wind this time and by the time I got to the Dome roundabout I was the human equivalent of the Puffer Fish...I think that's as much imagery as you need for tonight!


In my push to train for the Great North Run - and my compulsiveness for sticking to a routine - I included a swim as part of my training last night. Only 1500m, so shorter than normal, but the running more than made up for it. 15 minutes to run to the pool, 45 minutes swimming and 35 minutes running home again. The slightly longer time can be put down to taking a longer route than last week so that I could get above the 4 mile mark, though I will need to check it in the car... Running to the pool made swimming very tough at first, as I found it very difficult to breathe when I started swimming. It wasn't until about the 30th length that my breathing improved, though my stroke was still crap! Similarly, running from the pool was hard at first as a different set of muscles had to get used to being used, but once they realised they didn't have a choice, I was soon jogging along quite happily. I think I am going to have to change my diet though. Soon after I started the ret