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This week, I 'ave mostly been wearing restraints! * And before anyone comments, get your minds out of the gutter! We'll be having no innuendo here, thank you... This past week has been a bit of a strained one, which is a good reason for my not blogging since last Friday, otherwise you would end up reading the rants of Victor Meldrew ... and I'm a bit young for that role at the moment. At least, I would like to think so! Last weekend, I was supposed to head off to see my family prior to my birthday, but what with my lack of studying over the past few weeks, it took me until Sunday afternoon to finish studying the relevant units and get the assignment done and posted**. My cousin and his fiancé went into London for the day on Sunday*** and I said I might join them, but it was getting a bit late by the time the assignment was complete, so I dragged my mate Foshie into town instead and we had a wander about. It wasn't until bank holiday Monday that I helped him buy

Short and Sweet

After my last post that was, in all honesty, a bit of an epic (anybody actually reach the end of it??), I thought I should keep this entry short and to the point... F*** me, I'm tired!

Where did the time go??

Wow, its amazing how time flies when you're busy having fun ... or totally snowed under! I've been suffering from large helpings of both this past week, starting off the with fun before realising that there is actually an awful lot of work that needs to be done! Much of this is down to my inability to grasp timescales: tell me something is a week away and in my head it stays a week away for the next couple of weeks ... this is how come I miss family birthdays and anniversaries ... and deadlines :-( This week there are two deadlines: my next OU assignment by Saturday and three different website designs for a customer by, um, tonight! The deadline for the assignment is actually a week today, but in order to get it there on time, it really needs to be posted Monday or Tuesday and sent by first class, making sure I get a proof of postage from the post office. However, next Monday is a bank holiday so the post office won't be open, and Tuesday will see me visiting a custome

What's in a Name - Part Two

I don't know if its just a British thing, but there seems to be a section of the scientific community that delights in giving creatures slightly dodgy common names... Sitting at work tonight trying to study, install some software and chat to the family all at the same time (who says guys can't multi-task?!), I suddenly found myself under attack by something that looked to be about the size of my fist! HUGE thing it was, all fur and wings and buzzing, bouncing around the office like a lottery ball on a mission. Thanks to one of my colleagues being unable to stop popping, there was a Pringles tube at hand to catch the wee beast ... and his mate that came in 10 minutes later. And what was the common name given to this leaf-muncher? Cockchafer . Go figure.

Wild and Whacky Stories Needed

In roughly seven weeks, my cousin - whom I will call TT* - will be tying the knot with his fiancé. For some totally insane yet flattering reason, they have asked me to be best man , and tonight I was reminded that I need to sort out something in the way of a speech. Its not that I'd forgotten about the speech so much as hoping it would write itself at some point, complete with jokes that would make Peter Kaye nod his head in approval: or more importantly, make everyone at the reception laugh so much that they wet themselves - which is a distinct possibility anyway considering some of their ages where a sneeze would have the same result. However, these things don't write themselves, so I'm going to have to start getting my brain into gear. The trouble is, after a little digging around, I have not been able to uncover a single bit of dirt, comedic or otherwise, which has a tendency to limit the comic possibilities. So, this is where you come in! I feel a bit bad askin

Odd's English Dictionary

Warning! This post might shock those people who think I'm sweet!! >:-> After being nudged in MSN and then told that the person doing the nudging was bored and wanted to mudge me (and that's not a mis-type), I thought we had managed to make up a new word. "So, what does it mean" came the enquiry. All I could come up with was this: Mudge: Minky Nudge (verb) When a guy nudges a woman's lady-parts with his man-parts, either to tease or suggest something more interactive. Then I discovered this definition on Urban Dictionary . I think I'll stick with my own definition!

What's in a name?

Whilst out and about on Monday, something I saw that had me doing a double take was a truck with this company emblazoned across it. I wonder if they knew the more popular meaning of Munter before they came up with the name?! I now have an image of a company full of ugly people. Okay, I'm no oil painting myself, but even my lack of self-worth would stop short of putting me in that category! For the time being, at least. Makes you wonder if they took all the people Martini wouldn't touch...

Verbal Ramblings

You can tell a good game by how compelled you are to have 'Just one more go' and, ultimately, how much sleep you have. Whilst this is a good thing for the game and its developers/publishers, its not so good when you're supposed to be doing more important things, like studying. Or sleeping. Due to some work I was doing for my cousin - for which I am totally lacking any kind of inspiration at the moment - I didn't arrive home until gone 11pm last Thursday. However, no sooner was I through the door, I was undressed and curled up in bed ... with the new Burnout:Dominator loaded onto the PSP! I really needed to sleep, but had to have just one more go... Three hours later and my need to sleep finally got the better of me! At least if a game doesn't keep you hooked, there are some stores that provide the option of trading in for something else. Its a shame you can't do the same with movies when you go to the cinema: I wouldn't mind getting my money back for

Bank Holiday Shenanigans

Already I've started slipping with the blog posts! It must have something to do with the bank holiday weekend where I was inclined to do absolutely nothing ... so I have practically nothing to write about. Well, that and the fact I've had the grumps for the past couple of days, so blogging in that mood would have been about as entertaining for you as a slap in the face with a wet fish. That said, I did manage to get off my behind and get out of the flat a couple of times. The rest of the time I was struggling with God of War : those PS2 controllers are pretty tough as mine has taken quite a beating where its been thrown in frustration, and it still works ... I only hope the PS3 controllers are as tough! I guess I also need to apologise to my neighbours who have had to put up with the rather unsavoury language during these frustrating periods! To think I never used to swear at all... :$ After Cath's debacle with her car's oxygen sensor , I dragged her into town on

Going Grey...

So far, I've been pretty lucky insofar as grey hair goes ... I don't have any ... at least, not that are really noticeable. Perhaps there are a few 'light' strands that become apparent when I haven't had a hair cut in a while, but nothing particularly obvious as I have fair hair anyway. Thankfully, I take after my Mum's side of the family for this, though Mother Nature did see fit to make up for this by ensuring a steadily retreating hairline, so I can instead look forward to a Patrick Stewart dome at some point in the future! As you can see here , I'm already well on my way! Oh well, such is life. Mind you, there are far worst places to go grey/white that don't get balder as you get older, such as the chest or, heaven forbid, the area safely concealed beneath the undercrackers . What could be worse for a girl than meeting a guy who looks reasonably young, only to find a field of white fuzz resembling a mouldy strawberry , hiding beneath a carefu