Bank Holiday Shenanigans

Already I've started slipping with the blog posts!

It must have something to do with the bank holiday weekend where I was inclined to do absolutely nothing ... so I have practically nothing to write about. Well, that and the fact I've had the grumps for the past couple of days, so blogging in that mood would have been about as entertaining for you as a slap in the face with a wet fish.

That said, I did manage to get off my behind and get out of the flat a couple of times. The rest of the time I was struggling with God of War: those PS2 controllers are pretty tough as mine has taken quite a beating where its been thrown in frustration, and it still works ... I only hope the PS3 controllers are as tough!

I guess I also need to apologise to my neighbours who have had to put up with the rather unsavoury language during these frustrating periods! To think I never used to swear at all... :$

After Cath's debacle with her car's oxygen sensor, I dragged her into town on the Saturday so she could help me spend some money on my niece due to it being her birthday this weekend. Trips to the Disney Store and Next lightened my wallet by £70, though I doubt that will be enough for her: as is usual with kids, they get concerned by the quantity not the cost ... perhaps I should wrap a load of polystyrene chips for her :-D

The highlight for Sunday was Foshie asking if I wanted to head up to Ivinghoe Beacon with him to catch a few sunset pics and, as is usual, his came out better! Unfortunately, he took a couple of pics of me that aren't particularly flattering, as I had been growing a goatee again and had left it a bit longer, just to see how it would look.

One word: awful.

I got rid of it Monday. No point looking like a CrimeWatch photo-fit wannabe!

Monday evening saw me catching up with my friends J&A as I haven't seen them for a few months. Their little boy, Milo, spent the evening playing with me and getting over-excited, despite his tiredness. When it came time to leave (for once I didn't stay past 10pm), he showed me in good doggy style that he appreciated my visit ... by humping my leg: I should explain that he is a pocket Jack Russell!

Nice to be appreciated!
* * * * *
Last night saw the departure of my umbrella plant that was originally given to me by my parents when I first moved into my flat. Now nine years old and almost as tall as me, it was taking up a bit too much room and had to go :-(

After watching one of these TV gadget shows a few weeks ago, I decided to sign up to - essentially a load of yahoo groups - and advertised my weeping fig. That went after a week, and the umbrella plant went after only being posted on Monday.

I guess the system could be abused by people taking stuff then selling it on, but I'm trying not to think about that and put my faith in them being honest people.

It is sad to see them all go, but at least my place isn't quite so dark any more.

Except at night ... of course.
* * * * *
Woohoo! I can't wait to get home tonight - Burnout: Dominator has just arrived for my PSP ... I guess studying will be limited to a couple of hours tonight!


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