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15 more minutes and I'm free! Free to head for the hills and fly like a bird ... though being somewhat limited in the wing department, it'll probably be more like plummeting like a stone if I slip off a cliff! Hope that doesn't happen ... it'll put a bit of a dampener on things. Anyway, wish us luck for good weather and stunning photos! See you when I get back :-D

Life Coaching

Last night I was made aware that my last post wasn't exactly clear in what it was saying, so here's a summary... ...I was 24 hours early for the meeting with the life coach! That's gotta say something about my state of mind at the moment!!

What Planet Is This?

I have come to the realisation today that I am in a full-blown mid-life crisis. Apart from the desires to own a sporty car, buy 'trendy' clothes, escape from working life, go find myself hidden in some nook somewhere, and be a Dad*, I now find that my brain isn't entirely on track. Okay, a lot of people would say that it hasn't been on track for decades and I guess they're not far wrong. When I awoke this morning, I checked my phone and realised that today was the day I needed to smarten myself up for the second visit to the life coach; this was something of a shock as I had woken up later than normal and needed to iron a shirt, have a shave, etc, all of which I had postponed until today. As usual, the appointment was for 2pm so, just after 1pm, I headed off for the little village just outside Staines where the meeting was to take place. Luckily, the traffic wasn't too bad, barring the arrogant SOB driving a blue MPV on the A41, who thought they were driv

Calm to stressed in under a second

After another frustrating day at work, I actually managed to calm down on the way home tonight. It probably has something to do with looking forward to climbing to the top of the Lakes and totally relaxing; at least, that's how its happening in my head! However, I should have known the peace wouldn't last and that something would crop up. As I pulled into the car park, I discovered that the only entrance into the section for the block I live in was blocked by another car and, judging by the notes that were written on the paper stuck to the windows, it was obviously parked there with the sole intention of causing disruption ... and by someone who was barely in control of their anger. What it appears to boil down to is that someone hit their other car and has not owned up to it. In response, the owner has threatened to smash every car in the car park if the "f***ing c***" § that hit his car doesn't own up. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a picture as evi


Crikey, yet another week has passed before posting here again ... things must be pretty dull right now!! Actually, they're not dull at all, I'm just whisked off my feet trying to keep up with everything. In the past week, I have been endlessly banging my head on my desk in the vague hope that someone will inject me with sedatives and stick me in a padded room before I hurt myself. However, our customers are a sadistic lot, so I can't see this happening any time soon. The latest little nugget? They've been working on a project for 12 months that is being piloted tomorrow and we need to get it integrated with their security model this week! Yes, they told us about it last week, which seems to count for sufficient advance notice in their world, but its taken them all week to come back with absolutely no information that we asked for. Who do they think they've hired here, friggin' Hogwarts?!?! A twitch of the magic mouse and its all sorted?!?! GET REAL, PEOPLE!!!

Fashionable Photography

Another week gone and another epic blog entry to whittle down to a few salient points; though going by past posts, you'll be lucky to be awake by the end of it! Top of the list, I've been spending a ton of cash ... again. I can't really afford it, but the retail therapy has been giving me a bit of a lift. Okay, it hasn't all been retail therapy (more on that later), but every now and then a little cash for fashion goes down very nicely. I came to realise recently that I don't have any cool, low profile, fashion trainers, which are useful in good weather for wearing with shorts: the only option open to me before now was either a sturdy pair of running shoes or some cheap suede slip-on things, both of which made my feet look like they were in concrete blocks and ready to be chucked in the local river. So, feeling the need to spend*, I popped onto the JD Sports website and selected a few pair that I liked the look of. This was whittled down to two pair: a pair of L

Karma Car-meleon

They say that what goes around comes around and that whatever wrong you do to others will be returned back to you three times over. I have to confess that I am something of a believer in this ... which kind of helps when I'm fuming over someone who I feel has wronged me in some way. I think this morning was an example of this in action ... only in reverse! I live in a block of flats that, fortunately*, has its own car park. The trouble is that the road it joins has so many cars parked on it that its hard to see any oncoming traffic, especially with the white vans that park close to the entrance: exiting in the morning becomes something of an accident lottery, and I've come close to hitting jackpot on a number of occassions. This morning, that jackpot nearly included a police car cruising down the road! Luckily, where I had been edging out to see past the vans, he had already seen me and started to slow down. Doesn't stop you wondering if you're about to get pulle