Over My Dead Body

It's that time of year again when The Centralian Players are building up to their final production of the year, this time performing Over My Dead Body, by the late playwright and actor, Derek Benfield.

The play centres around Gerald, recently widowed, who plans to spend the rest of his days alone with his memories, not realising his late wife had other plans!  With the help of his daughter and son-in-law, Gerald does his best to keep unexpected visitors at bay and maintain his independence, but memories revive events from the past which are both funny and sad.

What a Backstage Farce!

For those who enjoyed Steve Barker's debut as a playwright with his production of Awkward!, you will be pleased to hear he has been bashing away in front of his computer for the past year and is about to release his second play on an unsuspecting public.

Backstage / Farce is a two-act play about a local drama group, the Bluebell End Players, who are preparing for - and performing - the opening night of their production, A Bit of Slap and Tickle.  As you may expect from a farce, things do not go according to plan as the group battle their way through frayed tempers, bad nerves, and missing cast members!

Sex Please, We're Sixty!

Now 2018 is solidly under way, the time has come for The Centralian Players to entertain you with their next production; no prizes for guessing the theme of their latest show!!

An American Farce, Sex Please, We're Sixty! covers the comings and goings of guests and neighbours to the prim Mrs Stancliffe's Rose Cottage B&B, proving that a little bedroom fun can be enjoyed at any age ;-)

Countdown to Opening Night

Okay, I need you to go get your diary - or open your calendar if you are technically inclined.  Go on, I can wait...
Got it?  Good.
Now find 19, 20 & 21 October - I'm assuming it's a 2017 calendar you are looking at!  Anything pencilled in for those dates?  No?  Excellent!  Pick one of them and write the following entry:
The Winslow Boy, Henderson Hall, Abbots Langley @ 19:15
Now you have an entertaining evening lined up with The Centralian Players' production of Terence Rattigan's play about a Naval Cadet accused of theft and his Father's fight to clear his name.  To make sure you have a seat, you can book tickets with the Box Office on:  (01923) 227392
Last Sunday saw the first set build get underway and by the end of the day, a large amount of the set had been built and decorated ready for the first rehearsal on stage since auditions back in July.

For those of you who are familiar with the venue and who haven't been there in a while, you will notice …

The Winslow Boy

In four weeks time, The Centralian Players will once again be performing at Henderson Hall, Abbots Langley, with their production of The Winslow Boy, written by Terence Rattigan and performed under license from Samuel French.

With 11 cast members, this production is larger than normal and sees the debut of the group's youngest member, Daniel Remmington, playing the role of The Winslow Boy, a young naval cadet accused of stealing and his Father's fight to clear his name.

If you are interested in booking tickets, please contact the booking office using the details on the poster above; there is no need to pay now as payment will be required when you collect the tickets from the box office.  If you cannot make the booking for any reason, all they ask is that you let them know so they can make the tickets available to others.

As the production is still a few weeks away, why not like their Facebook Page or Twitter account so you can be alerted of updates.  Better still, why not put …

Starbucks Name Chain Fun

Who's up for a game?  I'm going to call it the Starbucks Name Chain (hopefully, nobody else has come up with this yet!).

The rules are really simple:

Go to Starbucks and buy a drink of your choice, as you normally wouldGive them your name when asked If the name on the cup does not match yours - and experience suggests this is highly likely - adopt this as your new name!Change your name on social media (completely optional, especially if the platform complains!)Next time you go to Starbucks, use your new name! How long does it take for you to get back to your real name?  
Currently, I am living as Roger...

[UPDATE] I thought it would be a fun idea to change my name on Facebook to reflect the Starbucks name change.  I thought wrong.  Apparently, Facebook will lock you in to your name change for 60 days before you can make any further changes.  This puts a dampener on any fun and means, regardless of any further name changes by Starbucks, I am now locked in to being Roger until at…

Alexa, ask Super Me...

When Amazon introduced the Echo in the UK, it was the first time in a very long time I had been eager to try out some new technology; I had been waiting for the Google Home, but Amazon got there first so ended up with my money.

My own personal feeling is that consumer technology seems to have stagnated over the past 5 years, with only incremental instead of revolutionary advances, so nothing really piqued my interest until affordable home control came into being, something that was finally within my budget.  Being able to combine it with the Philips Hue system was great; though trying to find answers to questions proved ... interesting.

Then, back in June, I decided to try and build my first Alexa skill.  Nothing major, just a feed from this blog as a daily flash briefing.  It worked, but I decided not to publish it as I would hardly consider the content of this blog to be frequent or interesting enough to warrant it joining the likes of CNN, BBC, Sky, and the rest!

So I decided to g…