Saturday, 27 September 2014


How many of us remember the youngest years of our lives?  I have some vague memories of being a baby sitting on parquet flooring in my parent's home, banging the floor with my hands and then being picked up.  Is it a real memory that hasn't been invaded by more recent memories, or is it just a fiction cooked up by my, likely unstable, wetware?  Who knows.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Case is ... Empty

Since starting uni, everything from my sanity to my social life has taken something of a battering, so with a new semester just starting I figured I would take up my friend, Mr F, on the offer of a night out.

The original intention was to head into London, but with the weather on the brink of turning the capital into one giant paddling pool, we decided to head to a pub in Harrow for a bite to eat.  Okay, technically still London but sufficiently far from the Thames as to downgrade the wetness status to verruca pool.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Who Cares About Personal Data?

How often do you get frustrated with someone only to then feel that perhaps, maybe, you are over-reacting?

Since starting back at Uni for my final year, there is one tutor with which I have been having this dilemma, from the point where he posted a group discussion entry asking all students to break the ice by introducing themselves in the forum ... and to include links to their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, as well as uploading a copy of their CV.  

To a publicly accessible forum.