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Who Cares About Personal Data?

How often do you get frustrated with someone only to then feel that perhaps, maybe, you are over-reacting? Since starting back at Uni for my final year, there is one tutor with which I have been having this dilemma, from the point where he posted a group discussion entry asking all students to break the ice by introducing themselves in the forum ... and to include links to their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, as well as uploading a copy of their CV.   To a publicly accessible forum.

The Journey Continues...

So, here I am, back at Uni for my final year. It feels oddly comforting to be back, like seeing an old friend who wraps their arms around you and gives you a massive hug...then says, sorry, gotta go, things are a bit chaotic right now! I've been here properly for a week now and can confirm that things are at least as chaotic as before, with building works going on, unstable timetables and equipment needed for practical sessions not working properly.  This is one of those places where you come to expect things not being up to scratch, so rather than just get angry, you roll your eyes and try to find another way. That said, there is one thing that immediately fixed my Victor Meldrew head firmly into place.

One Question

"Why do we do it?" This was Linda's question to me on our opening night last week, performing Alan Ayckbourn's Life and Beth with The Centralian Players , and is one that I invariably ask myself in the days approaching any live performance of our productions. Every script becomes akin to a comfort blanket for each member of the cast, with us until moments before we walk onto the stage and returning once again to our nerve-ridden, sweaty palms almost as soon as we are off, soothing away the jitters just by being within easy reach.  That, and the various sweets and cakes that people bring in, encouraging a quick comfort-munch before the next appearance.