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Like a kid in a sweet shop

Thanks to my good friend Tink* - who realised I'm as much of a food fan as she is - I have very much been looking forward to the BBC Good Food Show today ... and I have not been disappointed! It is very rare that I get excited about things any more, but I was like a kid in a sweet shop as soon as we arrived and made several purchases within the first half hour. In fact, I was so hyper when I got there that I succeeded in bursting a tomato from the first free taster, down my top and over my bag within the first five minutes**. Pillock. The only downside to buying everything so early on was then having to carry it all around for the rest of the visit: they did have a drop-in section - much like a cloakroom for food - but it was £1 per drop which would have widened the hole in the pocket fairly quickly with everything we bought between us! Here's a quick pic of all the stuff I finally arrived home with earlier today: Okay, it doesn't look like a great deal here, but tre

Not Much Happening Here...

So, I guess I didn't quite get back into blogging mode then! Ah well, to be honest, there's not a great deal to report anyway. I've been at the new job for nearly two months now and hoping that there's even the faintest glimmer of a possibility that I can get back into development work. So far, I've just been pushing paper and any dev work has been cancelled as the customer has realised that they are going to have to pay for it: good for making them think about what they want but bad for me in this job role :-( Mind you, there are certain perks working with the rest of the guys and gals transferred from the support desk, working alongside the highly talented DJ Flip-U (who is the best wind-up merchant here) and the naturally comedic KitKat who has an affinity for headbutting waste bins (don't ask!) and, according to her Facebook status, loves both cock and rug!! Good times :-) Whilst I'm at it, I think I'll also take this opportunity to plug my c