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Not Far Enough

Well, swimming is out as the pool is closed due to unforeseen circumstances so I took the opportunity to drive the route I ran yesterday. According to the odometer, it was only 3.8 miles so, for argument's sake, I think I'll round it down to 3.75 miles - better to round down than up!

So, based on the above being achieved in 45 minutes it seems that I am running at an average speed of, funny enough, 5 miles and hour! At this rate, I should be able to complete the GNR in roughly 2 hours 37 minutes...not good enough!

Somehow, I need to get better than 6.5 miles per hour if I am to complete the course in 2 hours...faster than that if I take into account the time it gets to actually reach the start line after the run has started. Hopefully, I should be able to get to this point by the end of May...

Training Starts

As much as I love the internet for making life easier, I have also learned to hate it for the same reason! It has become so much easier to tie yourself into things; just fill a form online and voilá, you've tied yourself into a three year finance deal or committed yourself to something that you wouldn't normally do, you just like the idea of.

For me, this is the Great North Run. Okay, I've run it once before, and every year since then it has been a case of "I'll do it next year. Oh, did I miss the ballot?! Never mind!". Not this time, though!

A month ago, I picked a charity and requested a place. A week later and I have a welcome pack in my panic-stricken mitts wondering how on earth I am going to raise my target amount of £500! Three weeks later and I finally convince myself that I should start training in April so that I have six months to get into shape...last night was my first run.

Surprisingly, for someone who hasn't run for a few years, and ev…