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I'm back!

Unfortunately for you, my merry readers, I have had to return to the UK ... though not for any reason other than I'd reached the end of my time off.   *sigh* Believe me, if I could have stayed in sunny Sharm el Sheikh and diving in the Red Sea, then I most certainly would have!!! Right now though, as much as I want to share every last detail and run the risk of yet another epic posting, I am currently soooooooo tired I can barely even think about this posting.  They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, so I'm going to put that to the test and leave you with this little pic I took: Goodnight!

How do they know...

... that owls are the only bird that can see the colour blue? According to one of the radio stations I hopped into on my journey to visit family this weekend, this is an alledged fact.  How do they know this?  Did they hold up a series of cards of different colours and ask it what colour it was? Red card: "ooooooh" Yellow card: "oooh" Blue card: "bloo-hooo" *whistles nonchalantly* Aaaanyhoo, I just thought I would say a fond farewell to thee my merry readers, for tomorrow I am off to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt to get my PADI cert, and this is the last chance I will have to post for a while. After the palaver with getting the underwater housing for the camera, I can now confirm that I have one in my sweaty palms so, hopefully, I will come back with some half-decent shots of some Red Sea wildlife to share with you :-) In the meantime, let me leave you with a smile and the next episode of Simon's Cat... Laters!!

Invite them and they will come ... maybe!

Well, it seems I'm stuck with the purple suit! To be honest though, having an unofficial dress rehearsal last night to try out the character's wardrobe has helped me to get more of a feel for him ... and its actually not all that bad!! Don't get me wrong, I still think the suit is uglier than a baboon's arse and I wouldn't wear it anywhere other than on stage, but I do feel a little less embarrassed wearing it. Mind you, that could be because after I'd stripped down to my undercrackers and vest, nothing could be more embarrassing. So, the play is almost upon us... *quakes in boots* I guess I'd best crack on with learning my lines when I get back from the diving!!! We were supposed to be advertising the play as far back as January in order to get as many bookings as possible, but I have to confess that I haven't been too eager in this department as I haven't been all that keen for people to see me stripped off. That said, they're probably

Pimp My Play

Things have been rather hectic this week, trying to sort out for the Egypt trip and reading up on the diving, so I haven't had a lot of time or motivation to post anything ... though it probably hasn't helped that I bought a funky little iPod Nano and have been trying to sort out music and videos to put on it, too! Oh, and I've been on a desperate hunt for some decent 70s clothes for the play . Last Friday, our little drama group had a gathering to talk about what clothes were to be worn for each scene. I thought I was doing well until Diane arrived with a bag full of nice clothes for herself and a suit for me that only set her back a quid: and if you ask me, she was robbed. Another reason for not posting this past week is that I am only just recovering from the shock of not just seeing that suit, but having to model it in front of everyone. I don't know which reject bin she managed to scrape it out of but it had to have been right at the bottom. And despite wh

It wasn't until I was visiting family last weekend that I was reminded exactly how close the diving trip to Egypt is and, as is usual for me lately*, I had done nothing to prepare for it ... nothing like leaving it to the last minute! So, with Wednesday this week being my only free night, I decided to get cracking with making sure things were in place ... mostly involving spending lots of money ordering memory cards and an underwater housing for the camera - oh, and the new phone, of course!! With the important stuff out of the way, it was time to deal with the technical stuff so the car park and executive lounge are now all booked, I have an appointment for a Hepatitis A booster next week and it appears that I am already covered by the insurance I took out last year for the Sri Lanka wedding holiday . Well, that was simpler than I was expecting! One thing I do still need to get is some currency so, what with all the spending I've been doing this week it seems I have a bit

New Phone Time!

I have to confess that I am a long-term fan of Nokia's phones even though, looks-wise, they're looking quite dated now. The first phone I ever had was a 3210 and it was a robust little phone that withstood a fair few knocks without a problem. However, the glimmer of new tech succeeded in dragging me away a couple of times, only to be disappointed. My phone list goes something like this: Nokia 3210 , which stayed with me for years Sony Ericsson T68i , which I was disappointed with partly because the raved-about colour screen was naff and partly because the joystick broke Nokia 6680 , which I was happy with for a couple of years Orange SPV M3100 (HTC TYTN), which was quite a good machine for the first month, and then the touch screen stopped working, so it got dumped in the drawer and the 6680 was called back into service. Now I'm bouncing back to Nokia and looking forward to the E61i being delivered this Saturday ... its about time I had something decent to try and hel

I'm a Muppet

It's official: I'm a Muppet and, according to this quiz , I am none other than Fozzie Bear which, if I had to be honest, isn't all that far from the truth! Last Thursday, I decided to update the firmware on my old Nokia phone - I had upgraded to the HTC TYTN but the screen stopped working within a couple of weeks so I decided to ditch it in favour of the 6680 I had. I really should pay attention to the warning popups that appear on these updates ... or at least make an effort to understand the tech I'm playing with! Thinking that all the important stuff was on the memory card, I happily plowed on with the update ... oblivious to the wiping of all my contacts that was taking place right under my nose: one of those cold sweat moments! I know I am not the world's best at keeping in touch with people but at least now I had a great excuse!  Of the 80+ numbers I did have, I have now slimmed down to a meagre 9 ... I think I'm going to have to make a few surprise visit