Pimp My Play

Things have been rather hectic this week, trying to sort out for the Egypt trip and reading up on the diving, so I haven't had a lot of time or motivation to post anything ... though it probably hasn't helped that I bought a funky little iPod Nano and have been trying to sort out music and videos to put on it, too!

Oh, and I've been on a desperate hunt for some decent 70s clothes for the play.

Last Friday, our little drama group had a gathering to talk about what clothes were to be worn for each scene. I thought I was doing well until Diane arrived with a bag full of nice clothes for herself and a suit for me that only set her back a quid: and if you ask me, she was robbed.

Another reason for not posting this past week is that I am only just recovering from the shock of not just seeing that suit, but having to model it in front of everyone. I don't know which reject bin she managed to scrape it out of but it had to have been right at the bottom. And despite what everyone says, I really can't believe that 'everyone' was wearing this kind of fashion ... okay, I did as a page boy, but I was five!

So, you're probably wondering what this suit looks like?

Think pimped-up Austin Powers, in purple, and you're halfway there.


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