Gadgets and Widgets

Well, training for the Great North Run hasn't gone quite according to plan, but last night I did succeed in setting up the gadgets and widgets for tracking my training :-)

I had refrained from getting sucked into the Nike and iPod combo, but the lure of glossy tech and the trendy adverts sucked me in and spat me out the other side, complete with green iPod Nano, Nike Shox Arraw trainers, a slick black'n'red Nike armband, Nike+ shoe widget thingy and a cool black-and-white shirt designed by a closet sci-fi costume designer*.

Admittedly, the shirt is going to remain in the drawer for the time being as it currently emphasises my spare tyre and man boobs which, lets face it, isn't the prettiest site to be running round these parts. Then again, certainly not the ugliest, either!

The calibration of the Nike kit was a bit annoying. After having calibrated for a 1.05 mile run I then tried to calibrate a walk for the same distance, only be told halfway around that the distance I had walked didn't match the target distance. So, back onto GoogleMaps Pedometer**, to measure out a shorter distance and found that to the end of my road and back is roughly 600metres.

So back of out for another strut around the block and ... success!

Now I'm all calibrated up I can go and start with my first run, which I am supposed to be doing now ... especially as I have raised over a third of my target already, and I only sent the email out yesterday.

Fingers crossed, I might actually hit the target this year...

* In the same way I used to be a closet Trekkie. Not that I've come out of the closet, I just don't do Trek any more. Hardly. When's the new film out??
** Not a name to abbreviate, though imagine how popular the service would be with lynch mobs.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing!! I have a pair of Nike+ iPod shoes and I want all related gadgets.
OddThomas said…
Absolutely, might as well go the whole hog! The last piece I want is the Nike+ AMP when they get the version I want stocked :-)

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