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Thank You

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone that has sponsored me so far. I have reached £150 through the sponsorship site and roughly £80 in verbal pledges, so we are slowly edging towards the £500 mark I hope to raise. Please feel free to send the link to the sponsorship page to people you know!

Further and Further...

It was hard work last night, but I did manage to extend my running distance, even if I didn't improve on my time. According to the Google Maps Pedometer , I managed a total of 8.9 miles - that's taking a shorter, 4.45 mile route and running it twice, the second time in reverse. Lap 1: 0:40:04 Lap 2: 0:42:21 ---------------------------- Total time: 1:22:25 On that basis, if I was to continue for the full half-marathon length of 13.1 miles (around the same as running my new route 3 times), and take into account the slower time for the second circuit, I should complete the course in around 2:08:40, so there is hope for me yet to get in under 2 hours!! I just wish my knees weren't so sore.

Training Latest

Woohoo! Doubled the run length today in 1:11:27! Unfortunately, according to Google maps , the route is only 3.8 miles, which means I only managed 7.6 miles :-( Mind you, the Google maps was very useful in helping me find a new route of over 4 miles - will have to use it again for a long-distance weekend run!!

Come Back, Paul McKenna!

Okay, I'm having something of a motivation issue regarding the running! The week before last, I managed to get up to 6 miles again in 1 hour 2 minutes, but then this past week I have done nothing due to working ridiculous hours in order to try an meet a September deadline - not enough time for what I need to do. I was hoping to go out at the weekend and do an extra long run, but then A&J asked if I wanted to go to St Albans with them on Saturday: since I hadn't seen them for so long, I opted for this! We had a little wander through the park where I took a load of pics , and took a look round the market, before heading down to No.18, an excellent little snack bar down past the Peahen, on the right-hand side. I highly recommend paying a visit and sampling their paninis - certainly the best I've had to date: I've also been told that their milkshakes are something special, too. It could do with smartening up a bit, but I guess things are tight since they have only