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Back in January, I got a bee in my bonnet after hearing about the attempt by the US to extradite Richard O'Dwyer  over some tenuous allegations, so I  wrote a rather clumsy letter to my local MP .  I did actually receive a response but have not published it on here as it seemed unfair to do so without the MP in question being aware, needless to say, the response was as measured as you would expect. Things seemed to go relatively quiet (at least, as far as I could see), until today when I started to see tweets by Richard's mother, Julia O'Dwyer , and have seen that - finally - people are starting to take notice, with the cause to #SaveRichard garnering support from the likes of Wikipedia founder  Jimmy Wales  and Labour MP Tom Watson . My own view is that Richard O'Dwyer is being used as an easy target by the US government, taking advantage of an unbalanced US-UK extradition agreement, in order to make a point.  But what point are they making?  If they are trying to

The Plan

Since buying my bike, a nice little Specialized Langster 2011, I have been quite enjoying the freedom of being able to get out and about to places I wouldn't normally go ... and some treks I wouldn't normally have considered!

Taking The Leap

Those of you that know me in any way, shape or form, know that I can occasionally be a bit of a kitchen whore, with a passion for whipping up a cake to bestow on the unsuspecting, such as this lesson-learning creation for my nephew's birthday earlier this year: