Taking The Leap

Those of you that know me in any way, shape or form, know that I can occasionally be a bit of a kitchen whore, with a passion for whipping up a cake to bestow on the unsuspecting, such as this lesson-learning creation for my nephew's birthday earlier this year:

I am certainly no James Martin or Gordon Ramsay (I have far less hair in the right place, for one), but I have had the privilege of being asked to make a range of cakes for varying occasions, including a three-tier wedding cake for one of my closest friends.  That said, I still very much have a lot to learn.

A month or so ago, some people that Foshie knows asked if he would make some cakes for a charity event they had planned for the Summer.  As a bit of a kitchen devil himself, he leapt at the chance and asked if I would mind helping out since the quantities were likely to be quite large.  How could I resist?!

A week later, I found myself sitting in a cosy front room, discussing the Lemarie Centre's Jubilee Festival and some ideas for the kind of things they were looking for.  Then, in the middle of the conversation, came the phrase: "And this will be good free advertising for your business".


What was that???

Did you just say "business"???

I would have been less surprised if my well-worn shoes had suddenly taken it upon themselves to up-and-leave at that moment: my Mum always said they would one day, so I guess I'd been mentally prepared for that one.  However, the enthusiasm was catching and we found ourselves toying with ideas for a logo so that there was some way of recognising our efforts, and a chance comment from one of the organisers sorted our name in a flash.

The result?  Well, Foshie and I are now The Cupcake Boys!

Okay, so strictly speaking it's not a business per se but a means for us to put ourselves out there and extend what we already do to more than just friends and family.  Frightening stuff, as there is so much we need to deal with, but it is a step in the right direction.

As Foshie pointed out, if we weren't kicked into doing this, we probably never would.


Anonymous said…
Good luck.
OddThomas said…
Thank you very much! :-)
OddThomas said…
Cheers, Robert :-)

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