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New Pastures

Okay, it seems I have become something of a mumblegrump lately, tearing a strip off Yodel for their abysmal service, getting passionate about the appalling Richard O'Dwyer extradition case and on the verge of ranting at the university about their bureaucratic snubbing of mature students .  So I think it's about time I focused on something a little more positive! For those of you bored enough to have kept up with my posts, you'll know that I've been slogging my way through uni in an effort to learn new things and take my technical career in a completely new direction.  Well, last week was my final working week as an intern on one of the rehabilitation projects, so I ended up doing the usual thing of making a few cakes as a little farewell...

Bit Between The Teeth

I don't know why, but I seem to have become quite an angry person lately and getting a bee in my bonnet about things that are apparently outside of my control, which is why this blog has been a bit on the grumpy side lately. Sorry about that. That said, how much of it can be justified?  I know people don't want to read grumpy blogs, but when you have things going on such as those surrounding Richard O'Dwyer (have you signed the petition yet?), or poor business operation such as I'm about to go into here and public opinion being completely ignored, is it not surprising that people get increasingly frustrated and need an outlet for that frustration?

Keep Fighting For Balance

Despite Jimmy Wales' petition to save Richard O'Dwyer now reaching in excess of 209,000 signatures, has today reported that the Home Office have confirmed they will still  not block the extradition of Richard O'Dwyer to the US to face charges of copyright infringement. With such a surge of support for Richard over the weekend - more than trebling in numbers since my last post - it is curious to note that there has been very little media coverage of the situation, that I have seen.  Admittedly, I watch very little television and do not read the papers, but both formats also present news items on their websites, which I do read.  So where are the articles?  Where is the news coverage that would normally accompany something that generates this much interest in a short space of time? Since 25 July 2012, when Richard's story came back to my attention, very few news outlets have been tracking the progression of the case and the rapid increase of signatures