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Crazy Ideas...

Holy cow, two posts within a week ... this could almost be habit forming!! Actually, its probably not a bad idea to start getting back into the habit of posting considering some of the ideas I've been having recently... With several friends all now looking at round-the-world trips, its gotten my little brain ticking over about something I considered a lot a number of years ago ... cycling the world! Okay, you can stop laughing now. Please. I know, I am 100% dreamer and 0% adventurer, but what's the harm in looking into it?? With the level of work I have to do at the moment, there really isn't a great deal of point my being here, especially as I am off to spend a day next week with another team so I can transfer my job knowledge to them. Was the promise of working on a mega-project for real or was it a line to tempt me? Who knows!!! Anyway, from what I have managed to find, there are actually a fair few people that have been doing this for a long time, such as thes

What happened to the last 12 months???

Its hard to believe how long it has been since I last posted an entry here - okay, that might actually have been a good thing considering everything that has been happening!! This past year has been one of the busiest and most eventful in a while: a bit of an emotional rollercoaster I wish I'd put a seatbelt on for and certainly something I wish I had managed to blog about before now. As a very brief summary - which does not do justice to the experiences themselves - we have... Said our final farewells to family and friends as they move to the great beyond Had lots of illness and a variety of operations between family and friends Upgraded my Focus LX to a Mazda 3 Sport (lush!) Felt bullied by my boss Transferred employer under TUPE regulations Seen close friends split and come back together Celebrated several weddings/partnerships Put up with abuse from idiot kids * Appeared in two more plays with a third due at the end of this month ** Realised the parents are getting on a bit a