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Too close a call...

There are times when I get to appreciate just how lucky I am.  Forget winning the lottery, that'll never happen (not that it stops me trying), but when it comes to the day-to-day stuff, that's where favourable circumstances really make a difference. Take today, for example.... I have never been a morning person; trying to get out of bed in the morning is significantly harder than getting a woman to admit she's wrong .  As such, I am on the road towards becoming Doc Emmet Brown , with my slowly increasing number of clocks and alarms (if not by hairline alone). At this point time, I have roughly nine alarms set to go off: A Pure DAB unit that has four alarms set - two to beep and two to turn the radio on A battery operated unit that likes to shout at me to "Get up, now!" and which has had more than it's fair share of early morning beatings My HTC Hero which has four alarms currently set, but which I can add a bundle more to if I so choose (might have t