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Either my blog has suddenly become interesting or there is something wrong with Blogger stats... My posting has been sketchy at best but according to the stats that doesn't really matter as I've had nearly a 2500% increase in pageviews yesterday alone, presumably by people panicking about the title of my August 2010 post title Facebook RIP ! However, according to Google Analytics, nobody has set foot here since 15 November - about the time of my last post - and even then, it was fewer people than were interested in the Snap Your Chap exhibition, though I'm not sure that's entirely surprising. However, never fear, people, FarceBook is still alive and kicking ... though I have a challenge for each of you: For a period of 30 days, deactivate your Facebook account and do something interesting I dare you...

I've been doing what???

It seems every time I write a post now, I'm amazed at how long it's been since I rambled on at you poor souls, so, here I go again... OMG, HAS IT REALLY BEEN THAT LONG?! Okay, a wee bit on the dramatic side, but I might as well make an entrance :-) Well, I'm a good couple of months into my second year at Uni now with some pretty good grades from the first year under my belt and, as expected, the second year is proving so much harder to keep up with.  That said, I am still enjoying it, especially now we're starting to get into the interesting stuff I signed up for. In the first year, the Principles of AI and A-Life module was just a bit of a primer where we got to play with the NetLogo simulator, but that was about it from the technical aspect.  This year, the module is called Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and we actually get the chance to build robots! Now, before you start getting all excited like a geek in a gadget shop, I'm going to put a damp