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Surprise Me

Over the years, my Sis has proven that she has inherited my Mother's ability to say or do just the right thing to put a smile on my face when I'm having a bit of a naff day. For example, when we were teenagers, she went on a chocolate hunt but was unable to find anything, so I suggested she try eating the cooking chocolate from Mum's baking cupboard.  "I can't eat that," she replied, "it's still raw so you have to cook it first!" I may have laughed a little too hard at that one. Or the time she decided to show off how high she could kick her leg, forgetting she was wearing a straight skirt and succeeded in taking out her other leg in the process. I laughed hard at that one, too. Or the time when we were walking a neighbour's black labradors in the local parkland and one of them spotted something worth chasing, so took off across the park dragging my sis behind him like a squealing human sled. Shame I didn't have a camera for t