Where to go diving...

To date, diving in the Red Sea with Emperor Divers has been by far the best diving experience I have had yet.

Okay, I only have ten dives under my weight belt, three of which were UK-based adventure dives in order to get the Advanced Open Water certification, so my breadth of experience isn't exactly vast.  However, that doesn't stop me from yearning for far-flung places with good weather and clear waters ... the Maldives would be an excellent place to do a little underwater photography!

Then there is the place that, in my previous employment, one of my colleagues used to joke about opening a diving shop.  A little place in Northern Ireland near my mate's home town.  A place that probably grew tired of the same old joke over a decade ago!

That place, is Muff.

I kid ye not, there really is a place called Muff, which opens up a whole ream of other possible jokes ... I'll leave you to explore Urban Dictionary for yourself as some of the phrases are rather on the crude side, so at least it's your choice to go looking it up! :-)

However, if we did want to have a diving-related enterprise in Muff, we're a bit slow off the mark as someone has already pinched the punch line by setting up the Muff Diving Club.  

On the face of it, it seems like a normal dive club but there's not much in the way of useful info on the site, just a link to CafePress and vast reams of t-shirts and mugs with the logo on.  Perhaps they are just cashing in on the name!!


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