Like a kid in a sweet shop

Thanks to my good friend Tink* - who realised I'm as much of a food fan as she is - I have very much been looking forward to the BBC Good Food Show today ... and I have not been disappointed!

It is very rare that I get excited about things any more, but I was like a kid in a sweet shop as soon as we arrived and made several purchases within the first half hour. In fact, I was so hyper when I got there that I succeeded in bursting a tomato from the first free taster, down my top and over my bag within the first five minutes**. Pillock.

The only downside to buying everything so early on was then having to carry it all around for the rest of the visit: they did have a drop-in section - much like a cloakroom for food - but it was £1 per drop which would have widened the hole in the pocket fairly quickly with everything we bought between us!

Here's a quick pic of all the stuff I finally arrived home with earlier today:

Okay, it doesn't look like a great deal here, but treble this up and you get the idea of how much stuff was there.

So, what was on my list?
Pretty much everything in this list can be doubled up as there were 2-for and 4-for offers that Tink and I split on, whilst Tink also bought a fair few other things that were provided in nice little cool bags.

I guess I should explain who Tink is, as she is very much a new name on here...

Tink is a PA to several of the big bosses at one of our customer sites, who has a very good rapport with us IT bods - despite being on the receiving end of some of our wind-ups!

That rapport was mistaken for marital 'bliss' today by at least four exhibitors, who all commented on us finishing our 'domestic', even when we explained that we weren't together!

They were not domestics ... they were discussions between two like-minded people not wanting the other to be put out in any way, so trying to maintain some kind of balance between paying for things and making sure each saw what they wanted to see.

Okay, they were domestics...

* Yes, short for Tinkerbell, though she is more likely to sprinkle you with punches than fairy dust!
** I was trying to be polite and take sensible bites instead of putting the whole stick of food in my mouth. Failed there then, didn't I?!


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