Calm to stressed in under a second

After another frustrating day at work, I actually managed to calm down on the way home tonight. It probably has something to do with looking forward to climbing to the top of the Lakes and totally relaxing; at least, that's how its happening in my head!

However, I should have known the peace wouldn't last and that something would crop up.

As I pulled into the car park, I discovered that the only entrance into the section for the block I live in was blocked by another car and, judging by the notes that were written on the paper stuck to the windows, it was obviously parked there with the sole intention of causing disruption ... and by someone who was barely in control of their anger.

What it appears to boil down to is that someone hit their other car and has not owned up to it. In response, the owner has threatened to smash every car in the car park if the "f***ing c***"§ that hit his car doesn't own up.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a picture as evidence as the police pulled in behind me, took their own pictures, and then removed the notes, which means that other flat owners pulling into the place ... or trying to get out ... are totally oblivious as to what is going on.

Obviously, I am now stressing that my car is going to be vandalised by some idiot that can't even see that it might not have been anyone living here. Women dropping their kids off at school use the car park, as well as people parking their cars here during the day, so if it was one of them, it becomes a futile task threatening the people who live around you.

To a certain degree, I sympathise with how they feel. Over the past 9 years of living here, I've had numerous dents and scratches caused by people on the estate being carefree with their vehicles. The worst I can't help but feel was more malicious: a day after spending 4 hours cleaning and polishing my car a couple of years ago, two deep scratches appeared on the left flank of the car. As you can imagine, I was livid. Admittedly though, I went to the other extreme and did nothing, after all, it wasn't like anything could be done about it.

However, whilst I have some sympathy, I certainly don't appreciate the wanton threat of violence to all the residents in the vague hope that he might get the person who did it.

§Sorry for the language but that's a direct quote ... less a few key letters.


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