Photo of South West Coast 2 Coast T-shirt

The final week in the run up to the South West Coast-to-Coast is here and, in less than a week, I will be starting my first UltraChallenge in order to raise money for Crohn's and Colitis UK.

Since doing the massive 32 mile training walk a month ago, I have been able to get out for shorter walks once or twice a week, which have been steadily getting longer.  

On Saturday, I managed 12.37 miles in a decent 3 hours 39 minutes, though with the wrong choice of shoes, which left me with blisters and sore feet.  It really made me appreciate how good my boot and sock combo is!

Oh, and underwear.  Having walked in normal boxers and suffered the chafed consequences for a day or so, I ended up buying a couple of pair of SAXX Boxer Briefs.  I'm generally not one for buying expensive undies and feel that even £22 for 3 pair of boxers is somewhat extortionate.  However, if you want to feel like the family jewels are in good hands and you want to be able to shower after without feeling like someone has scraped gravel between your legs, then these are definitely worth the money.  

I'm tempted to get a few more pair for regular use...

Now I need to start getting my bag packed and ready.  I have pretty much all the clothes and accessories I need, barring a decent, packable waterproof, so now I just need to sort the smaller sundries (sun cream, lip balm, et al).  A visit to Grape Tree got me a few bags of nuts and fruit to make up a trail mix, which I plan to store in the cupcake jars I kept from the Candy's Cupcakes gift I received back in May: it saves buying any overpriced snack tubes.

I just need to pick up some decent chocolate to include in it ;-)


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