Where'd ya go??

A year or so ago, I wrote a rather harsh review of the cappucinos made by a new smoothie bar that had opened in Tring, called Smooth ... and no, I'm not adding any links to that post as I am quite ashamed of how harsh I was!

However, that didn't actually stop me from going there most lunchtimes to grab a smoothie and cookie for lunch: prior to M&S opening there, it was the only place to get anything reasonably healthy without hiking out of town to the little Tesco store.

With the opening of M&S, all the good food options started appearing, so Smooth, Sandwich Plus and Tesco were all pushed to the back of my mind.

Smooth re-opened after a short refurbishment period, but something seemed to be wrong. You couldn't guarantee from one day to the next that it would be open. Pretty much every other day, there would be a sign in the window stating that it was closed due to staff sickness, somewhate ironic considering the nature of the business!

Then finally, during the summer break and a couple of weeks after I started going back for the smoothies, it closed. No warning, no notice, just a series of black sacks stuck to the windows.

As Shaggy once said: It wasn't me!!


Tim said…
Blame it on the credit crunch and let your conscience go untroubled!
OddThomas said…
I have to confess I feel a tad guilty as the girl that used to run the shop stumbled across the post about a year after posting. Needless to say she was a bit taken aback by it ... I didn't think anyone would actually read it!
Tim said…
Oh… that is a bit, um, unfortunate!

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