Grump Session

If there is one thing I really wanted to avoid with this blog, its posting about all the crud that happens ... another reason for intermittant posting.

Sometimes, however, I just get so worked up that I can barely hold myself back from spraying the post with enough foul language to make even Vinny Jones blush.

I shall try though...

A couple of posts ago I hinted at some trouble we had been having with a customer, but glossed over it because I had some good news to report. Well, that trouble now seems to be going from bad to worse and everyone at work is reaching the end of their tether.

Basically, we were working on a project, hitting all the deadlines, and having to write our own spec and get it approved because no-one else was willing to write it. We had meetings to make sure things were moving in the right direction and we had very frequent releases to test in order for the development to be highly visible.

At no point did anyone suggest things were not well.

Then on 26 August, one day before we were to release the final test version to production, we were informed that the project was cancelled in favour of an off-the-shelf solution.

After being pressured by the customer to hit the deadlines, which we were successfully achieving, after cancelling all staff holidays in order to hit those deadlines, after we had been told that we were heading in the right direction, and whilst we were all still on a high that we had a built a good product, the rug had been firmly and rudely pulled out from underneath us by the guy who had made the decision to go bespoke in the first place.

To top it all off, I also found out yesterday that it had been fed back to our customer's senior management team that the reason for going down the off-the-shelf route was because we had failed to deliver.

Failed to deliver?!?! We were bang on time, thank you very much!!!!!!

Its like being set up by the school bully who, after making sure you're down and ground in the dirt a bit, gets everyone around to point and laugh at your misfortune.

What a conniving, back-stabbing, idiotic, ... [rude bits cut] ... bunch of imbeciles!!!

Its even more annoying that they have based this failure to deliver on a whim, as out of all the people assigned the responsibility of user testing only one had accessed the system and provided feedback to us - and he didn't even know it had been canned!!

So what is the approach they are now taking?

To get an alternative supplier to install an off-the-shelf product, which will require a further three months of development work by their dev team in order to get anything near the functionality we have already developed. In the meantime, the users will be using spreadsheets?!?!?!?!

I don't think I will ever understand the illogical mind...


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