The Eyes Have It

We've all seen close-up photographs of women's eyes that make you wish you could meet the girl with such a vivid colour, and yet we all know that these photographs have been enhanced to make the eyes stand out and grab your attention.

This past week, however, I had the good fortune to meet a girl whose eyes needed no enhancement at all.

On Tuesday, I had to head to Richmond for a work meeting with an IT provider who has been working on a project for our customer since January.  Until Monday, I had no involvement and was only vaguely aware of what was going on.

Now I was to get into the thick of it in order to try and help rescue the project.  Great.

Before heading into the meeting, we were to meet one of our customer's new marketing execs at the local Costa, in order to introduce ourselves and make sure we were all singing the same tune.  As we had never met the girl before, my first thoughts immediately turned to how attractive she might be.  

Well, who wouldn't?!  Meet any girl for the first time and any red-blooded male will turn it into a blind date situation!!!

Then I had a reality check as I concluded that in all the times I've hoped for something wonderful, I have always been disappointed, figuring she would probably be in her 50s at the very least, and would eat me for breakfast ... especially since within the three weeks she had been at the company, she had earned the name Rottweiler!

I should have had more faith!

She phoned The Boss to find out where we were and he talked her in as she had never been to the area before.  As I looked out of the coffee shop window, I saw a girl in her mid-twenties (if that), in a black and white puffy skirt, black top and black jacket, looking in and smiling at us.

No, it couldn't be?!  Could it?!?!  Oh, yes!!

We made brief introductions before she disappeared to refresh herself, at which point I mouthed "Wow" to The Boss.  It doesn't take a genius to work out he thought the same :-)

When she got back, we got down to sorting out what approach we were going to take and that was when I discovered her Piece de Resistance.

Being the confident girl that she obviously was, she had no problem holding someone's gaze .. and I found I couldn't turn away, even though I could feel my cheeks burning!!

Her eyes were the most vivid green colour that appeared to blend into a vivid blue colour towards the edges and I just couldn't turn my eyes away.

Coloured contacts?  Quite probably, but I don't care.

She had me.


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