What's in a name?

Whilst out and about on Monday, something I saw that had me doing a double take was a truck with this company emblazoned across it. I wonder if they knew the more popular meaning of Munter before they came up with the name?!

I now have an image of a company full of ugly people. Okay, I'm no oil painting myself, but even my lack of self-worth would stop short of putting me in that category! For the time being, at least.

Makes you wonder if they took all the people Martini wouldn't touch...


Cath said…
Maybe it's a bloke who owns the company and he'd just got divorced and decided to name the company after his wife?!

Maybe I need some work to do! I've got a bit heavy handed with comments today!
OddThomas said…
Comments are good - they make me happy that someone is reading this stuff!!

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