Not Far Enough

Well, swimming is out as the pool is closed due to unforeseen circumstances so I took the opportunity to drive the route I ran yesterday. According to the odometer, it was only 3.8 miles so, for argument's sake, I think I'll round it down to 3.75 miles - better to round down than up!

So, based on the above being achieved in 45 minutes it seems that I am running at an average speed of, funny enough, 5 miles and hour! At this rate, I should be able to complete the GNR in roughly 2 hours 37 minutes...not good enough!

Somehow, I need to get better than 6.5 miles per hour if I am to complete the course in 2 hours...faster than that if I take into account the time it gets to actually reach the start line after the run has started. Hopefully, I should be able to get to this point by the end of May...


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