Starting Again

Training for the Great North Run has been completely pants for the past couple of months. If its not working late, then its doing favours for people, updating the salsa website or, best of all, socialising, getting in the way of dragging my sweaty trainers out of the airing cupboard.

In all fairness though, much of this is avoidance tactics - I've never really been one for expending large amounts of energy unecessarily! However, if anything can give a person focus and motivation, it's the realisation that people believe in you and expect you to achieve something. In my case, this came in the form of a £20 donation from one of the girls I used to work with. This is the biggest donation yet and something that I am more than grateful for, considering how tight money can be for students.

The donation site now shows £55 in donations and £10 in pledges ... just £435 short of my target!!!

According to the registration form I signed, I must raise a minimum of £350 but, like the idiot that I am - and never being happy with a minimum amount of anything - I registered my attempt to raise £500!

Although there are still some friends and family members who will be sponsoring me, I don't know enough people that could help me to reach the target. This is where you, my non-existent readership, come in!!

For the past week, I have been wracking my brains, trying to think of ways that I could get sponsorship from people I don't know - no mean feat, I'm sure, especially since this blog has never been read! However, if anybody does happen to stumble across my inane ramblings, I would appreciate any and all ideas...

...or maybe a sponsorship?! ;-)


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