Invite them and they will come ... maybe!

Well, it seems I'm stuck with the purple suit!

To be honest though, having an unofficial dress rehearsal last night to try out the character's wardrobe has helped me to get more of a feel for him ... and its actually not all that bad!!

Don't get me wrong, I still think the suit is uglier than a baboon's arse and I wouldn't wear it anywhere other than on stage, but I do feel a little less embarrassed wearing it. Mind you, that could be because after I'd stripped down to my undercrackers and vest, nothing could be more embarrassing.

So, the play is almost upon us...

*quakes in boots*

I guess I'd best crack on with learning my lines when I get back from the diving!!!

We were supposed to be advertising the play as far back as January in order to get as many bookings as possible, but I have to confess that I haven't been too eager in this department as I haven't been all that keen for people to see me stripped off. That said, they're probably not all that eager to see me stripped off anyway!

So, the details..

Two and Two Make Sex

A Comedy
Richard Harris and Leslie Darbon

Thurs. 15 May to Sat. 17 May 2008

To book tickets, please call:
01923 227392

Absurdity, taken with seriousness and decorated with the ridiculous, and logic foundering in bizarre situations these are the farcical formulas well exploited in this play. George is getting into his fifties, his sexual virility nagging at him, one way or another. He is having an affair with twenty year old Jane

His wife, Clare, sensing that something of the kind is going on, fixes up a way of dealing with the situation. Jane has a boy friend, Nick. The quartet play out their charades in a double setting, the living room of George and Clare's home, and Jane's flatlet

The cross antics, seen separately and simultaneously, are very amusing. Later on, other characters materialize, and there is a mass confrontation, most ingeniously contrived

Synopsis taken from: The Internet Theatre Bookshop

Recommended for the near-sighted only!

Now, where did I put those socks...


RoadRunner said…
I sooooo need to sort out a meeting or something to come down to Watford for. I don't think I can miss this! I might have to be excused part way through though due to weeing myself :-P
OddThomas said…
You can miss absolutely miss it!!

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