New Phone Time!

I have to confess that I am a long-term fan of Nokia's phones even though, looks-wise, they're looking quite dated now.

The first phone I ever had was a 3210 and it was a robust little phone that withstood a fair few knocks without a problem. However, the glimmer of new tech succeeded in dragging me away a couple of times, only to be disappointed.

My phone list goes something like this:
  • Nokia 3210, which stayed with me for years
  • Sony Ericsson T68i, which I was disappointed with partly because the raved-about colour screen was naff and partly because the joystick broke
  • Nokia 6680, which I was happy with for a couple of years
  • Orange SPV M3100 (HTC TYTN), which was quite a good machine for the first month, and then the touch screen stopped working, so it got dumped in the drawer and the 6680 was called back into service.
Now I'm bouncing back to Nokia and looking forward to the E61i being delivered this Saturday ... its about time I had something decent to try and help organise me. And there's bound to be a decent alarm on there I can add to my growing list of morning shouts!

Okay, its not an iPhone but based on previous experience, I generally don't leap for the first version of something now. By the time this contract is up, the iPhone should hopefully have matured a lot and, even more hopefully, will be available on more than one network.

That's not to say, of course, that I wouldn't love to get my grubby mitts on one of those little babys, I just don't want to be strong-armed into changing service providers in order to get one.

I like to have choice!


RoadRunner said…
Hold on - you just bought a new MacBook and now a new phone?!
And you still don't have a hob that works - so glad to see you got your priorities right :-P
OddThomas said…
Pah! Who needs food?!
Cath said…
I couldn't agree more strongly with Roadrunner I'm afraid, Mister! And as girls we are well within our rights to gang up on you! Expect a severe telling off when you pop up online later!
OddThomas said…
Well, even if it was fixed it wouldn't be getting used anyway as I'm hardly ever there ... all hail the M&S!

Oh, and MSN has broke ... I ... um ... can't seem to log in ...
RoadRunner said…
Oooo, I like this ganging up business! Does that mean as girls we're well within our rights to confiscate said gadgetry until new hob is installed? *cogs whirring, plans forming* :-D
OddThomas said…
Hands off my MacBook, woman!
Cath said…
Well, credit where's credit's don't OFTEN moan about being do however moan about being fat.

So let's get him Roady, pin him down, steal his Macbook, his Wii (coz he gave me nose hair dammit!), order him a new hob on his credit card we've just stolen and force feed him proper food. No wonder your chest tightens up at the thought of running.

Eeek, chest pains at the thought of thinking of running....oh Doctor!
OddThomas said…
Oh, so its YOU who caused my card company to phone me today, is it?! I've told you before, buy your own porn!
Cath said…
Why when I can use your credit card for free? Mine's all maxed out, I've gotta get it from somewhere.
RoadRunner said…
Right, you pin him down and I'll steal all his stuff and run for it - coz lets face it, he's never gonna catch me at the rate he's going :-P
Cath said…
It's a deal Roady. I'll bring my straight jacket down too, that way he'll be even slower at catching us!
OddThomas said…
Well, bondage isn't my thing but I've always said I'll try anything once

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