Editor's Choice

For at least a week now, I have been intending to write a post about all the crappy goings on but have been having trouble finding the words - not normally a problem, going by the length of some of my posts!

However, I shall skip over the specifics of the car insurance people who screwed up my payment and the customer who put not only stuck the knife in but also twisted it for good measure*, and sum it all up with this: Idiots, the lot of 'em!!

I would call them muppets but that would be a disservice to Muppets.

Whilst I still have to deal with all that crap, I can now do so with a grin - which might make me look a little insane but if it helps, so be it.

On Monday, I went to the Castle Combe race circuit with my cousin and took around 166 photos - not the most I've ever taken there, to be honest. Out of that little bundle, there were around half-a-dozen that I felt I could work with, one of which was of the gorgeous Morgan Aero.

Unfortunately, the image itself was a little lacklustre and needed a little work, so out came Paint Shop Pro 8 (can't afford to upgrade at the moment) and the graphics tablet, and I set to work on the image to see if I could jazz it up a bit.

The result?

I would be the first to admit there are flaws, such as the Megane and its partner on the right-hand side - this is a classy car and doesn't need something shaking it's ass in the background.

Then I did the usual thing of posting the image to the Flickr and DSLR User websites. As I read Practical Photography magazine and wanted to do a black and white for one of their competitions, I also signed up for the Photo Answers website and submitted it there, not really expecting much interest.

Well, who'da thunk it. I only went and made Editor's Choice!! That doesn't happen with my pics!!!

Not only that, but as of this post, the pic has been viewed no less than 262 times! That's more than this blog over the past year!!

I'm bouncing like a baby on elastic!! :-D

* I'm not bitter, upset, angry, or frustrated. Honest.


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