Things I have learned...

About 1.5 weeks ago, I started working at another customer location, leaving my friends and colleagues behind for a new adventure; unfortunately, the work seems to be following me, even if the people aren't!

During this time, I think I have learned some pretty valuable lessons...

'Teamwork' is insular

Up until now, I've had development environments all to myself.  Being the only Immediacy and .NET developer in my previous position meant that I could work on any code/project without impacting on anyone else's work, or vice versa.

I was King of my domain ... alas no more :-(

Now, it's more like a civilised playgroup, where the 'kids' play with the things that keep them happy which ends up annoying others who, instead of showing their frustration by bashing the culprits round the head with plastic toys (which you have to admit would be fun to watch), instead express themselves with various sighs, grunts and gestures that would make a Neaderthal feel at home.

It's bloody annoying.

I do not need 2 litres of water every day

Whilst it is nice to be in a warm office when it is cold out, a lack of air-con in a room full of hot bodies* and innumerable computers inevitably brings a thirst on.  So, for the past couple of weeks, I have been heading into the office with between 1 and 1.5 litres of fruity water every day, which has a tendency to disappear  pretty much by around lunch time.

"Sip it" I was once told, "or it will just go straight through you".


I've been drinking it little and often and if I have to pee any more today, I'm going to end up as a shrivelled up, dry husk on the floor where I've manage to dessicate myself!

Back to the tea then...

Missing lunch doesn't make you slimmer

I once had an enlightening conversation with my sister that ran along the lines of:

Sis: "I can't wait until you hit 30."
Me: "Why???"
Sis: "Because then you're going to spread!!"

I think she was a bit miffed that I was a svelt 11.5 stone in comparison to her baby weight of unknown proportions.  Well, she can be jealous no longer as her wish appears to be starting to come true.

I always find it hard to settle in a place I don't know and usually end up not eating during the day.  For the odd trip to a customer location, this isn't really a problem and allows me to focus on work for the whole day.  

However, I still haven't settled in at the new office, so I haven't been eating any lunch, instead heading off to the local Sainsburys for a bite before heading home at the end of the day ... and then following it up with anything I can find in the cupboards when I get home, and I do mean anything: my current favourite is two bowls of honey nut cereals ... yes, TWO ... it's so more-ish!!

Needless to say, my waistline is still of the 'chunky' proportions defined at Christmas ... I've already split the seam in the trousers of my favourite suit after crawling around under the desk :-(

That should be more than enough motivation to get me running again!!!

If going to the gents at work, be quick about it

I'm all for energy saving devices but not when it leaves me stranded on the throne, in the dark, wondering if I should just sit there until someone else comes in to trigger the sensor or risk being caught with my pants round my ankles and personal bits on display trying to trigger it myself.

* By hot bodies, I do mean temperature!  There is nothing 'hot' about the peeps here, especially since it's pretty much all guys - no tech-babes, unfortunately :-(


The "shrivelled up, dry husk" bit conjures a disturbing but amusing image. It also rings true for The Host at his office.
Angela said…
You must move around, even if it is under the desk. Missing you in the big W and hope you will be back for beer or diet coke very soon. Chunky and Mr OT seems an unlikely combination.
OddThomas said…
IDV: First I'm disturbing you with MomSpit and now with dried up, shrivelled husks - not a good first impression!

Angela: I'm definitely missing you guys in the big W! It would be good to catch up over a drink or two some time soon, as it doesn't look like I can go back as part of my daily job :-(

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