Surprise Me

Over the years, my Sis has proven that she has inherited my Mother's ability to say or do just the right thing to put a smile on my face when I'm having a bit of a naff day.

For example, when we were teenagers, she went on a chocolate hunt but was unable to find anything, so I suggested she try eating the cooking chocolate from Mum's baking cupboard.  "I can't eat that," she replied, "it's still raw so you have to cook it first!"

I may have laughed a little too hard at that one.

Or the time she decided to show off how high she could kick her leg, forgetting she was wearing a straight skirt and succeeded in taking out her other leg in the process.

I laughed hard at that one, too.

Or the time when we were walking a neighbour's black labradors in the local parkland and one of them spotted something worth chasing, so took off across the park dragging my sis behind him like a squealing human sled.

Shame I didn't have a camera for that one.

In all fairness though, these were all a looooooong time ago and as she matured, well, nothing changed really.  She still succeeds in doing and saying daft things, but because we now live so far apart, I only get to hear of them third-hand, so they're not as memorable.  All the more reason why I should write down today's little conversation.

As Christmas approaches, the usual nagging over present lists kicks off, invariably with me not having any ideas until a few days before the shops close.  So this year, I thought I would be a little more pre-emptive and started to store a wish list on Elfster, which has been both a win and a fail: a win because people have looked at it to see what I would like; a fail because none of them could work out how to use it and have now resorted to e-mail, text and telephone.


Anyway, today, I got the following message from my sister:

"Hey you! You have a space rug on your wish list, what colour? 
They only have white on iwoot x"

Before I point out the obvious in that message, I should probably answer the question currently bouncing around in your head: "WTF is a space rug?!"

Well, wonder no more!

How awesome is that?!  Other than appealing to the Sci-fi geek in me, it looks like the perfect winter warmer, especially as I am trying to keep my bills down by not putting the heating on.  All I would need to go with it is a decent light-saber and to grow my Alec Guinness beard (though thankfully somewhat darker at the moment), and I'd be able to stand in the doorway of my flat and announce to the annoying leaflet posters: "This is not the flat you're looking for".

Might not work, but it's worth a shot.  And it's a damn site better than owning a onesie!!

Anyhoo, I digress ... back to my sister and the Xmas list conversation...
Hey you! You have a space rug on your wish list, what colour? They only have white on iwoot x
Surprise me :)
Not much of a surprise if there is only one colour!
Not much if I pick a colour either :)
Needless to say, I'm pretty sure what I'm getting for Xmas :-)


Anonymous said…
The really sad thing is that I thought about buying one of these for Nick this Xmas. For his birthday I found a slightly cheaper alternative in the shape of a dark red Slanket!! He already has a special effects Lightsaber and I bought him a Stormtrooper bobblehead for his birthday! I'm hoping the slightly cheap looking Chopsabers go down well as a stocking filler!

Cath x

P.S I hope you have a wonderful Xmas and New Year
OddThomas said…
Hahaha - excellent!

Guess what I got? Awesome white space rug!! It's incredibly warm, too, so I can see me making some savings on heating bills this winter :-)

Hope you've had a good one! :-)

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