How not to generate formulae...

Right, before I start wittering on, first let me apologise to those of you who have subscribed to my ramblings by e-mail.  Just over a week ago I published a little rant about the lack of scholarship support for mature students but, for some reason, the e-mail that went out was for a post I made over a year ago!

I'm not entirely sure why this happened but hey ho, that's life.  So if you feel like you've been missing out on something (you really haven't, you know), you can go and read the last post here.  If you just fancy a summary, then I've tried to summarise below - believe me, it is still shorter than the original posting!

So, the idea is to work out how much scholarship money is on offer (let's call this GBP), for an individual who last took exams a helluva long time ago (h), who has put a lot of effort into reaching the momentum required to do well (k) and taking into account their income (i).  It is also worth taking into account the individual's current level of savings (s).

Since scholarships can only apply whilst at university, we also need to take into account the time passed since starting uni (t), the amount of time spent justifying a scholarship application (j) and the weighting value representing the attitudes of those who control the purse strings (a), where the lower the weighting value the harder it is to pry open that purse.

Finally, we should take into account the fact that scholarship awards are given only to those students who have proven themselves at school NOT whilst during their time at university and who have earned a high level of competency (c) in the process.

So, putting this all together and rearranging into the order of operations dictated by BODMAS, we can write the above three paragraphs more succinctly with the following formula:

GBP = jackshit

Do you get the feeling I'm not over this yet?  You're right!

This was meant to be a technical posting but I think I'm going to leave that for another time now - study time beckons!!!


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