New Pastures

Okay, it seems I have become something of a mumblegrump lately, tearing a strip off Yodel for their abysmal service, getting passionate about the appalling Richard O'Dwyer extradition case and on the verge of ranting at the university about their bureaucratic snubbing of mature students.  So I think it's about time I focused on something a little more positive!

For those of you bored enough to have kept up with my posts, you'll know that I've been slogging my way through uni in an effort to learn new things and take my technical career in a completely new direction.  Well, last week was my final working week as an intern on one of the rehabilitation projects, so I ended up doing the usual thing of making a few cakes as a little farewell...

Plain vanilla with chocolate drizzled over the top
Trying a new two-tone technique
These seemed to go down well and I was quite surprised at how many of them went after my birthday ones being so hard to get rid of.  What was even more surprising was the little gift I found sitting on my chair when I got back to my desk.  The bag of bits that one of the team had turned up with earlier in the day for her friend's wedding turned out to be an awesome set of Le Creuset kitchenware!!!

I'm going to have a lot of fun with this!
I am still blown away that they got me anything at all, let alone something of this calibre.  I'm already planning quiches and tarts, so folk had better beware that they are likely to get fed!!

Of course, with one position coming to an end you're probably wondering what I am now up to?  Well, today I started work at a company based in the East End, who have agreed to take me on an industrial placement for the coming year.  I must admit it has been something of a long day, being up at 4:30am and only getting home about an hour ago, but it has been a good introduction.

I shall keep you informed as to how it is all going but for now not even a crate of caffeine drinks could keep me awake, so I'm off to bed ... another early start tomorrow.


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