Open Letter From my Niece to Cadbury

So, the furore of the Cadbury Creme Egg recipe change has taken something of a personal turn, with my 14-year-old niece feeling incensed enough to do that stalwart British thing ... write a letter!


Consumer Relations
PO Box 12
Birmingham B30 2LU

Dear Cadbury Recipe Person,

        I am a 14 years old, 8 months and 4 days old person and I am writing to tell you about my HORROR (HORROR I TELL YOU! HORROR) at the fact that you have changed your delicious chocolate recipe.  It pains me to say this but alas, it must be done.  Sorry in advance.

        For the last 14 years, 8 months and 4 days (and probably longer by the time you get this letter) I have been a dedicated consumer (dedicated I tell you!) of Cadburys chocolate, although now I think about it probably hasn't been 14 years, 8 months and 4 days because obviously I didn't eat chocolate as a newborn baby.  Anyway, what I am trying to say is I have been a dedicated Cadburys chocolate eater for a long time (most of my life in fact) and at this sudden change in recipe I am sad to say that your chocolate is just not as good anymore.  I'm so sorry but it's true.  Up to this point in my happy-chappy chocolate loving (except I don't love chocolate, in fact I hate most of it and Cadbury was the only brand I like, oh and I like minstrels but you probably don't care about that because it's galaxy) life I happily ate Cadburys, jelly beans and other stuff but no longer.  Oh no, you HAD to go changing the chocolate recipes and ruining the lives of chocolate-hating-except-for-Cadburys people.  And near Christmas time too!  What heartless people you are!  Christmas is meant to be a happy time not a chocolateless time.  And why is it chocolateless I hear you ask (well I don't but in English we were taught to use rhetorical questions so that's what I'm doing)?  It's chocolateless because you changed the recipe and deprived us all of the chocolate we know and love.

        As far as I am aware, you have only changed the chocolate of the cream egg so far.  This used to be my second favourite of all your chocolates.  My favourite is the Crunchie bar!  It's just so yummy, please, please, please don't go changing the recipe of that chocolate too!  This chocolate recipe changing must stop!  It is getting out of hand and just as my family and friends were finally learning that Cadburys is the only chocolate I like!  What chocolate should I put on my birthday and Christmas list now?  Please stop the monstrosity that is changing the recipe!

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter,

Yours Disappointedly,


'nuff said!  :-)


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