Fuzzy Face

Anyone who knows me, knows that I totally hate being unshaven: I am of the opinion that I could model for a Crimewatch photo-fit when I haven't had a shave for a couple of days. Just stick a beanie on my head, and perhaps a scar down one side of my face, and the picture would be complete.

And yet here I am, sporting a short goatee!

For the past year, I have gotten used to the idea of shaving every other day as it gives my skin a break from all that scraping, so shaving when you have a couple of days growth is ideal for experimentation ... which is exactly what I did last night.

I've experimented before, but then continued to shave everything off. Last night, I thought I would leave it for the night to see how I felt about it this morning, figuring that I would be getting rid of it anyway. What I didn't take into account, which you would think I should know by now, is that I wouldn't get up to the multitude of alarms I have going off around the flat ... hey, I like my sleep!

I have a radio alarm that has a buzzer and radio going off at two different times, an alarm on my phone, and a little battery alarm that shouts at me to get up every 10 minutes: I've been known to beat this one up, and it still works! Even after this cacophony invading my slumber, it still takes me over an hour to get up!

Anyway, I digress ... up late with only 20 minutes to sort, I started dithering as to whether or not I should get rid of it. So I had a bath, dithered, brushed my teeth, dithered, got dressed, dithered, dithered some more (us Geminis are not known for our decision-making skills!), then realised I should have left the flat 10 minutes before.

So here I am, at work, trying to avoid any comments! Maybe I should have taken a look at goatee.org first, to get some tips!!


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