Manners, Timothy!

I hope I am not tempting fate by saying this, but since moving offices to Tring, I have discovered a wonderful thing, something only ever heard of in urban myths ... teenagers with manners!

The first time I experienced this was a shock. I can only liken it to the first time you catch your parents practising their own unique version of the Kama Sutra: you're glued to the spot, dumb-struck, wondering if you've over-done the Red Bull and your senses have gone into overdrive. It only lasts for a second as you mentally adjust to a new view of the world, and then its old news; though in this case, it actually left me happy.

Of course, I've never been out in Tring at night, so I don't know how different things are to the daytime. However, I have been out in Berkhamsted at night, with the naive belief that such a high brow place would be similar to Tring, and that it would be a nice place filled with nice people.


Coming out of the town hall after salsa last Friday, I was accosted by a group of skinny chav lads, weighed down by more metal than Argos can supply them with, and leaping in front of me with a loud 'Raaaaaaar!' ... which is kind of surreal considering I do this to my 2-year-old nephew!

Unlike my nephew, however, I didn't run away screaming and laughing, or end up behind the sofa!

So Tring seems to be somewhat unique at the moment.


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