Easter Backtrack

Singing Easter ChookWell, belated Happy Easter to you all - better late than never!

Okay, perhaps this isn't the best Easter Egg to present to you, but it is more interesting than most!

On Saturday, I travelled with a couple of friends to Cliveden House, each weighed down with his favourite camera, on our never-ending hunt for experience, new places and that perfect shot.

Ah well, at least I found a new place!

The weather was pretty good, and there was a fair amount of ground to cover, so I would definitely recommend it as a day out - even better if you are a National Trust member as you can get in for free! :-)

As usual, selected pics have been posted to my Flickr pages in the Cliveden Set, so you can check out what we got up to. They're not great, but hey, I'm still learning! You should recognise the image used to create the above egg at dumpr.net :-)

Both Friday and Saturday I also finally entertained friends: I've been keeping them at bay as my place is cluttered beyond belief, but after donating two boxes of videos and one of games and nik-naks to the local charity shops, the amount of space gained made me a happy man. There is still more to go though. I have been trying to get rid of my Weeping Fig through FreeCycle which someone should be picking up this weekend. Once this has gone, it should really open the room up again, though I will miss the beastie at 7ft tall and about 5ft wide. Good job I have cuttings!!

Anyway, entertaining! I decided to try my hand at cooking steak, and was advised by a friend to make sure I tenderise the meat first. You guessed it, I forgot! At least, on the Friday I did. Saturday I remembered and I have to admit that it really did make all the difference, and my mate wasn't ill afterwards, which is always a good sign :-)
* * * * *
If you hadn't noticed by now, I enjoy a little amateur photography and would love to get to a point where I could sell my pics, but I'm a while away from that yet. However, in a bid to help me get experience, my boss has asked me to take pics of different aspects of Tring in order that we can have some pics hung on the wall of the local area! How excellent is that?!

As I'm not the only amateur photographer here, I told the others about this in order to get them involved and give us a wider selection to choose from, though I might wait until I have my new cards as I tend to have problems with people having a chip on their shoulder ... and I don't even photograph people ... at least, not intentionally.


Cath said…
You do need to stop putting pictures of that egg where I'm going to find them! It still frightens me and I have no idea why!

Very creative though!

And great news with the pictures of Tring! I don't doubt you'll get some great shots, you only have ot see your other piccies to know that. Self confidence..... ;-)
OddThomas said…
Hehe, sorry about that - I guess it is a bit freaky as an Easter image!!

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