Don't Mess With The Babysitter!

Wow, what an eventful weekend!

I was due to visit my parents, but due to my nan taking a turn for the worse :-(, they had to disappear, so I offered to fill their role as babysitter for my sister's kids.

Kid Duty

6:15am Saturday, I get a wake up call from my sis to make sure I get in the shower before they arrive. I am not great at getting up in the morning, so the call was very much appreciated ... though I couldn't help thinking that if I was at home, I would have slept in until at least 11!

Ah well, gives me a taste of parental life!

The one thing that I was really dreading however, was the nappy changing. In the past, either my sis or my mum have been around to clean up the nappy mess of the youngest, but not this time. This time, I would have to brave the baby paste on my own - and I think my sis relished the fact that he had eaten a lot of bran lately, so his nappies were more fragrant than normal!

Breakfast Duty

After my sis had gone, without any of the expected fuss from the youngest, I made breakfast for the kids. What was it? Bran Flakes! There I was, dreading nappy duty, yet providing him with fuel with which to pepper it!

Anyway, while they ate their cereal, I decided to raid my Mum's fridge and make myself a mushroom omelette. I'm not a great cook, but I can generally cook something reasonably edible: though I've had a helluva time trying to get omelettes right ... and I still can't do it.

By the time it was ready, they had both finished and cleared off, so I sat down to have my breakfast on my own. It wouldn't have been so bad, but the only reason I was having breakfast in the first place was to keep the two of them company: I don't eat breakfast!

After a couple of minutes the youngest came in and eyed my plate, so I let him try a piece of omelette with mushroom, which he appeared to like ... and which is quite flattering considering how fussy kids can be with their food. Five minutes later, the oldest comes in to tell me that milk had been spilled. Now pretty much in full 'Dad' mode, I was at the milk, rags in hand, and clearing it up before it had started to soak into the carpet, and then in true Dad style, proceeded to rub it in ... I've still got a lot to learn about cleaning!

With the mess cleaned up - I guess we'll find out for sure in Summer - I saunter back into the kitchen to find the youngest sitting up at the table, knife and fork in hand, tucking into the rest of my omelette!

Cheeky little mite!! :-)

Pen Duty

One thing I did discover this weekend is how quickly kids pick things up from you when you're not paying attention.

It had reached the point in the morning where their hyper little minds focussed on creative pursuits of the artistic kind, so out came the art box, the cover for the coffee table, and the washable pens. I hadn't seen these pens before and noted on the side that they were scented, so had a sniff. They weren't bad. Not over-powering and nothing that would give you a headache after the first few seconds.

I was only out of the room for a couple of minutes, doing the washing up from breakfast, but by the time I got back, the youngest had pinched a pen and was sitting in front of the TV, watching some surreal kids show, with the washable pen practically glued to his nose: as if the tv show wasn't psychedelic enough already!

To be continued...


Cath said…
Not bad for a solo mission - omelette, stinky carpet and addicted to solvents!

I can actually picture this though! I would have been the same. Just pray Helen doesn't need me to baby sit next week!!!

Can't wait for the next installment!

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