Police Pics

Last night, I finally got around to getting some of Sunday's pics posted to Flickr.

Unfortunately, there is nothing really there that I can add to a portfolio but there are a couple of reasonable ones that I thought I'd post here for you to have a butchers at ... its gotta be better than taking your time up with another epic account!

At the end of the first display, the mounted police
lined up and made sure their rides shared the applause.

Rottweilers are gorgeous dogs, but you
don't want to be chased by this one!

These dogs love their job...

...as you can see by the fact that they
launch themselves at their targets!

In the Horse and Hound show, four teams
consisting of one horse and one hound competed
for the fastest time on the circuit.

I believe that the guys at Bower Ashton have this open day every two years, so keep your ears open for this in 2010 ... if you remember!


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