As of Sunday, I can now say that I am a bona fide Emergency Responder ... I have a card and everything!

So now, if there is someone who needs help, I can respond by energetically throwing my arms in the air and screaming, "Oh my god, they're going to die!", whilst whipping out my little blue gloves and face mask.

Basically, in support of the diving and some of our future planned specialisations, Pygmie and I went on an Emergency First Response course at Vobster Quay* so that we could at least provide some basic first aid and CPR if things went wrong for one of us.

As the course meets HSE requirements, it also means that we can provide emergency assistance in everyday life, too ... something Pygmie thought he might have to do yesterday as he witnessed a near miss between two motorcyclists.

Nothing like keeping the skills fresh!!!

The course was taken by the energetic and bubbly freediver, Emma Farrell, and it wasn't until afterwards that I realised exactly who she was when I saw her book in the dive shop. I have to say, I totally admire anyone who can do this as I am not sure I would be able to ... me and oxygen are about as separable as Siamese Twins.

That said, if she can improve my breathing so I use less air while diving, that can only be a good thing...

Something I did notice about Vobster, was not just how much better the scenery was than Capernwray but also how much clearer the water was. On the day of the course, there were roughly 40 divers in the quarry, which I am guessing is not enough to really stir things up a lot: from where we stood by the dive building and standing at the water's edge, we were still able to see a fair way down and, from what other people were saying, if you dive on a Friday, the water is crystal clear ... something I was really looking forward to until today.

Some of you may remember my little restrained rant about a dive shop that had held onto my order so that I ended up not going diving back around mid-June. Well, lo-and-behold, its happened again, this time with a different shop!

Friday night I placed an order for wetsuit, hood, overvest, fins, gloves, boots and a few other bits and pieces - all of which were stated as being in stock - and requested 24 hour delivery in the hopes that I would get the order either today or tomorrow.

Going by past experience, as I hadn't received a despatch email yesterday, I decided to mail them and ask for an update. Oh joy, the suit is out of stock so they can't get my order to me until Friday!

So they didn't read my notes in the additional comments field then!

I am supposed to be diving on Thursday so getting my kit a day late isn't really of any use. Yes, I know there is an option to hire kit, but as I sunk all my available money into buying my own kit, I don't have enough to hire it.

My response? A request to cancel the order and refund my money asap. Funny enough, I haven't heard a peep out of them...

* The lease for Vobster Quay was bought by Martin and Amy a couple of weeks ago and, by the sounds of it, they have some really good ideas for the place. My favourite is Martin's idea of adding silver schooling fish - something to practice the photography on!!


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