I seem to be finding it harder and harder to write anything nowadays, partly because of having so much on my plate, but mostly because tiredness has brought me to the brink of narcolepsy: I'm like a nodding dog in front of my 'puter.

Thankfully, I have yet to reach the point where I'm drifting off whilst writing ... that's when the really weird stuff starts coming out. What usually starts off as a sensible sentence quickly descends into some kind of surreal reference before morphing into something akin to a declining ECG chart.

Perhaps I should just go with the flow and scan these little wanderings in for all to be perplexed by :-)

One of the more entertaining activities to wake myself up is to chase the flies hanging around by the window, the intention being to bat them across the office Wii Sports style, but usually with as much skill and grace as a hippo on caffeine.

I don't know where they come from or where they disappear to, but they appear from around mid-morning until late afternoon, bouncing round the office like lottery balls.

In fact, succeeding in squishing them is very much like watching the lottery, the excitement increasing the more you get. Though I guess the lottery is less violent :-)

Okay, a shaky link with the subject,
but it breaks up the text a bit!!

The best time to get the little buggers is when they have landed as you can increase your chances of a hit by planning your attack. Someone once told me that flies can only fly forwards, so to make sure that whatever method you use is head on so that they fly into it.

Bearing this in mind, I took my chance with one that had landed on the ceiling and snuck up on it with my ruler...

I may need to plan better in future. Whilst the attack was a success, I didn't come out of it unmarked. I now have a strong urge to go and wash.
* * * * *
I knew it wouldn't last ... my training blog for the Great North Run has been removed.

It had been set up in order to record my training and fund-raising progress, but with the introduction of the widgets you can see up above there seems to be little point in adding posts manually to do the same thing.

Which kind of simplifies things again, really :-)


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