Lotus 'Eagle' Rumour

So, this is rumoured to be the new Lotus, codenamed Eagle.

Image from paultan.org


Chances of me ever owning one are nil, but we can but dream...

Of course, when looking for info on new cars, you're bound to come across various other rumours and concepts: also appearing on Paul's site is this model of the Proton PM5.

Image from paultan.org

Does anyone else think this car is aimed purely at women? Why else would they pick a model number that looks like PMS?? Definitely one car you'll be eager to get out of the way of!!


Tim said…
I'm not entirely sure about that new Lotus. The wheels looks too small, and it just looks like another slightly larger version of the Elise – and wasn't that what the Europa was supposed to be?

I'll wait until I see one in the metal before I write it off completely, though!
OddThomas said…
A fair few others have been saying the same, but I prefer the look of this over the Elise which now looks like an over-priced Smart car: Elise compared with Smart Roadster. Smart ruined it!

Okay, so I know less than this much >< about cars ... I'll have to wait and see what Top Gear say about it! :-)
Tim said…
Ha ha ha - I always quite liked the Smart Roadster!

Never drove one though…

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