Done and Dusted

Well, the curtain has been called and the set dismantled for another three-and-a-half months as our production of "A Murder is Announced" closes with a record audience number of around 130!!

Henderson Hall is not a particularly large place and we generally have a maximum audience of 100, but due to so many advanced bookings for the Friday and Saturday nights, we had to put a couple of extra rows out.  Everyone has been astounded :-)

I think it is safe to say that everyone felt Saturday night's performance was bugged by a few little gremlins, but everyone took it in their strides and the feedback from the audience was that it was a very enjoyable production, so smiles all round!

As a way of saying thanks to the cast and crew, the producer managed to sneak some little gifts up to the dressing room for when the play closed and we all piled in full of the highs of a complete production ... I now have my very own Oscar!  LOL

My first ... and final ... 'Oscar'!!

Some of you are probably wondering how the kiss went as I was originally a little concerned about the age difference between myself and the girl I was to be kissing.  Poor girl!

Well, I thought it went well and certainly the audience enjoyed it, the first night eliciting a sinister 'Ooooooh!', whilst the following two evenings were a fair bit livelier and included a few cheers and wolf-whistles that came close to putting us off, but we managed to save our laughter until we had left the stage.  

Then she uttered those immortal words: "Well, at least we won't have to do that again!"



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