Everybody Ready?

Whoever coined the phrase "Out of the frying pan and into the fire" wasn't far wrong!

No sooner am I back from the Great North Run than I am straight into final rehearsals for the next production by the Centralian Players, "A Murder is Announced", a fifty-year celebration for one of the group's members. Fifty years!

That's a long time to dedicate to a hobby - I usually get bored after just a couple! :-)

After three days of technical rehearsals that ranged from absolute disaster* to pretty good run-through, we finally opened last night and that's when the nerves finally hit. Its fine when its just the group of you that learned the script together, but add an audience to the mix and my stomache suddenly starts somersaulting like a clumsy trapeze artist.

In fact, its starting its little routine again as I sit here typing this!

Andrex is making a mint out or me right now.

* Tuesday's technical rehearsal was the worst to date. That said, I haven't laughed so much in a long time!


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