What happened to the last 12 months???

Its hard to believe how long it has been since I last posted an entry here - okay, that might actually have been a good thing considering everything that has been happening!!

This past year has been one of the busiest and most eventful in a while: a bit of an emotional rollercoaster I wish I'd put a seatbelt on for and certainly something I wish I had managed to blog about before now.

As a very brief summary - which does not do justice to the experiences themselves - we have...
  • Said our final farewells to family and friends as they move to the great beyond
  • Had lots of illness and a variety of operations between family and friends
  • Upgraded my Focus LX to a Mazda 3 Sport (lush!)
  • Felt bullied by my boss
  • Transferred employer under TUPE regulations
  • Seen close friends split and come back together
  • Celebrated several weddings/partnerships
  • Put up with abuse from idiot kids *
  • Appeared in two more plays with a third due at the end of this month **
  • Realised the parents are getting on a bit as they've started needing my help with the DIY
  • Tried coming up with a new blog design but couldn't be bothered decoding the Blogger templates, so just re-worked the header bar!!
The fourth and fifth point are really closely tied when you consider everything that has happened. With the loss of the contract with our customer and my curiosity as to the offer available from their new IT provider, my boss started to prove how unprofessional he could be which made it very easy for me to make the decision to transfer.

The result? Today saw the first day with a new employer for five staff. The upside is that the new employer is going to be rigorous in their execution of the contract with the customer and there appears to be a lot of opportunity to really get somewhere personally. The downside is that we are already one person down: there was supposed to be six of us transferring, but the guy really needed to take a break :-(

Sad though it is, I can totally understand where he is coming from and admire him for making the decision: there is a huge part of me that really wanted to make the same decision, but I am somewhat risk-averse!

However, with him taking the time out and another colleague who was on a contract now planning to head around the world with his partner, I admit I am soooooo tempted to say 'stuff it' and follow suit.

Maybe I should start planning something now for next year...

* Okay, not sure if it could be classed as abuse as it could not have been personal, but had kids throwing fruit at the new car and succeeding in hit it ... seriously unimpressed!
** Oh sh*t!!!!


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