Fad Attack

I've never been one for jumping on the latest fad: the more people hype something up, the less I want to do with it, especially if it's all gloss and no substance.  Like the iPhone or iPad.  Or Dan Brown.

Instead, I've always had my own little obsessions fads.

In much the same way that women have a thing for shoes, handbags and anything that glitters, my thing is for jackets.  Not including suits, I currently have eleven jackets.  Yup, you read that right, eleven jackets, and at least two of these have yet to be worn beyond the occasional check to see if they still fit.  Believe it or not, I did have more at one point, but there are only so many clothes I can fit in my wardrobe ... and on the sofa ... and the computer chair...

However, my obsession has been changing lately and my attention has now turned to hats.  Other than my black Bench cap, I do not suit hats.  At all.  My head is an odd shape; in fact, think Phil Spencer and you won't be far off.  And yet I have this compulsion to buy strange hats that I know will neither fit nor suit me, all starting with a cap and a hat I bought at the weekend from American Retro (neither of which are on their site): a black stingy spacecap and a black trilby!

The spacecap is fine and fits quite nicely, but a trilby?!  What on earth possessed me?!  I think I must have had a previous life in the early 20th century when all men wore hats, because I do think that they actually look smart, it's just a shame I can't carry them off.

Of course, with this being a new obsession, it hasn't stopped me from looking for more variations to wear on different occasions, which led me to the Urban Excess website and an order for another hat with some nice skate shoes.  Okay, I'm no skater as I have all the balance and coordination of a drunk on a bull ride, but they will go quite nicely with my Crafted jeans, especially the red Vans.

It seems I am more of a hourder than I thought: make that 15 jackets!!


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