Musical Itch

I've never been particularly clued up when it comes to music, it's more a case of if I happen to hear something I like, I usually end up buying the album.  The end result is a music collection that is more eclectic than the spirit collection on top of my fridge - though far less potent!

The latest addition to the collection is a bit of a departure to the more upbeat tones of Train's Hey, Soul Sister or V V Brown's Shark in the Water.  After hearing just a clip of Islands, I've ended up with The xx being played to death on the way to and from work:

Okay it's a bit on the dark side, but this one has managed to get into my head and won't shift, like an itch that can't be scratched ... which is fine at the moment, but if I start wearing black clothes, looking moody and dying my hair black, someone come and slap some common sense into me!


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